Anxiety doesn’t always present itself as rocking back and forth or struggling to breathe. Sometimes anxiety presents itself as foot tapping, skin picking, or even an upset stomach. So in order to help out our anxious friends, we asked our Instagram community to tell us about their favorite fidget toys. Read on to learn about what they like best about their objects and where you can buy your own.


1. Textured necklace with essential oils
“What I like the most about my necklace is its shape and how I can wear it around my neck. It’s not too big or in the way. It’s light, yet I can still feel it. There is also a small cotton ball inside where I put a few droplets of essential oils and the scent can still reach me. I chose this over other fidget objects because whenever I dissociate or if I’m having intrusive thoughts, I find it very hard to even turn and look at someone. Therefore, smell is very helpful and it keeps me in the present. The main oil I use is lavender and I have very enjoyable memories tied with that scent. So it helps me by reminding me of pleasant memories and the texture gives me something else to focus on. It’s also nice if I just want to snuggle into my hoodie and the necklace fills it with the oil scent.”
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2. Rubix Cube 
“I like the Rubix Cube the best because it makes sounds, has a good shape, and I can move it around. It also forces me to concentrate on something. I chose this fidget object because others were too stationary or didn’t hold my attention long enough. With the cube, I can either try to make a pattern or I can try to actually solve it. It distracts me from doing something more damaging (like hair pulling or skin picking). It helps me from getting too “out of it” in a panicky situation.
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3. Chain toy 
“I like that it can be manipulated and it makes noises because the chains hit each other. I have other objects I keep in my car, but I chose this one because it allows me to have more hand movement and I am still able to drive while I have it. It gives me something to play with and it allows me to release excess energy that otherwise would manifest itself as foot jiggling or nail biting.”
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4. 30/30 app
“What I like the most about 30/30 is that it helps me focus my energy or lack thereof into something productive. I prefer it over other apps, objects, or actions because it provides a framework for a variety of activities to help me become centered again. By focusing on certain tasks in 30-minute increments, I am able to swing from tasks that are more active (chores, walking, etc) to more calming ones (painting, reading, etc.). This helps me regulate stress.”



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5. Tangle toy
“I like that when I play with it, it’s a constant movement. When I’m anxious or just don’t know what to do with myself I usually end up picking my lips. I chose this toy versus others because it seemed like something that I wouldn’t get bored of and that I could fidget with while still working on other things. If I’m doing monotonous work that I KNOW is going to make me antsy I’ll usually have it in my left hand while I work on things so that it helps me focus and it ensures that I won’t start picking at my lips or my skin out of discomfort.”
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6. Kneaded eraser
“The kneaded eraser is malleable and it stays that way. I can squeeze, stretch, squish, or pull it. I chose it because I’m an artist and so having it with me is never called into question. I also use it a lot so it’s not something I ever forget. It helps with my anxiety. I have anxiety and PTSD, and if I ever get frightened or anxious I squeeze it and it helps me refocus.”
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7. Play-Doh
“I like the fact that I can pick the color of the Play-Doh and mold it into any shape that I want. I usually choose Play-Doh over other fidget objects because I add different scents to it like lavender or vanilla. I find that this has a calming effect. It helps me keep my hands busy when I’m stressed, and it brings out my creative side, rather than letting me be destructive.”
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8. Blue-Tac
“What I like the most about Blue-Tac is that it can be twisted, torn, punctured, squashed, and shaped into anything without being damaged. You can express any pent up emotions on the material without worrying about breaking anything. It’s usually something I have lying around and it’s very inexpensive. And by touching and manipulating it, it helps bring me out of any unhealthy thought patterns.”
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9. Isoflex Ball
“The isoflex is my favorite stress ball because it requires some strength to break it in, and once you do, it’s really soft. And because they’re so difficult to break in, they last a long time. It’s great for tossing into my purse. It helps me manage my anxiety, stay grounded, and distracts me so I won’t pick or pull at myself.”
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10. Worry Rock
“I like my little “worry rock” because it’s small and discreet. No matter the situation I’m in, I can take it out and keep it in the palm of my hand without anyone noticing. That in turn, calms my anxiety even more. The smoothness of the rock really mad me happy and calm the first time I picked it up. I also purchased a little bag to keep it in which makes it even more smooth. (The bag also keeps it safe from disappearing into the black hole of my purse). The rock helps me in a lot of ways. Even just having it with me, whether or not I’m using it, is comforting. It’s reassuring to know I have something I can just grab if I’m having a spike in my anxiety. I have never felt weird or uncomfortable grabbing it from my purse and keeping it in my hand. The simple motion of rubbing it with my thumb eases my mind and relaxes me. I don’t go anywhere without it!”

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Do you have a favorite fidget toy? Comment below & let us know about it!

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