Our Mission: To encourage people to explore their mental health through art and storytelling.
We want to create a safe space that allows people to explore how they’re feeling. Emotions can often be scary and intimidating, but without healthy exploration, behavioral issues can arise and take over our lives.

About Our Founder
Julia started How Am I Feeling? in 2015 as a project to help her gain more confidence in speaking about her mental health issues. She wasn’t sure where to begin so she started recruiting people to share their stories and soon after that, the community started to gain some momentum. Soon after, art became a main feature of HAIF.

Today, HAIF has grown into a community of people who are willing to help each other through anything. They are creative, caring and supportive individuals. We hope that the stories shared through our community allows the general public to look at mental health issues through a more compassionate perspective. We also hope that this space offers a sense of peace for those who are suffering as well.

About The Project. 
How Am I Feeling? (HAIF) is a community platform where people are encouraged to explore their mental health and emotions through various outlets. This not only includes storytelling and art, but video and research as well. We believe that allowing people to express themselves in a healthy manner can set the foundation for them to develop a higher emotional intelligence and sense of self awareness. We believe that through safe exploration and support of a community, these factors will aid in wide-spread change and reduce the stigma of mental health issues and emotions in general.

How To Support Our Mission
It takes a lot of time and money to run a website. We are now accepting donations which will help us pay for the website features, hosting, and future projects.

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