“Dee is a part of me. He’s is an exaggerated version of what I observe and feel.”


Name: Dan Hawksworth
Art Materials: Copics and paper (for Dee), ink, acrylic, brushes,illustration board, canvas (in general)

Where does your inspiration come from?
Dee is a part of me. He’s is an exaggerated version of what I observe and feel. Occasionally it works in some snippets of real life conversation I’m part of or encounter. 
For my other art a lot of it is fan-art, so there’s definitely a pop culture influence. For my abstract works I tend to follow the “let your mind go and your body will follow” approach.

Tell us about your creative process.
Often with Dee it’s what I draw him looking like, then fit the words/mood to it. I figure if I’m drawing him that way some part of me is that way. I have a file on my Google Drive I use to cache ideas for text away later. My mood affects a lot of what I choose to do throughout my art in a lot of cases.



What is the story behind your artwork, if any?
Dee evolved from me practicing sketching animals after my first ever  surgery and my mother’s death in 2015. I soon started fitting quotes or sayings and even some of my own words to them starting in July. By September, proto (or baby Dee) started showing up and soon became a regular weekday thing for me. There are others in the Dee-verse but I scaled back to just him in early 2016, at least temporarily.

He is a form of art therapy for me and can help me with some anxiety and other issues by giving some thoughts a voice they might not have otherwise.

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