“Art helps me externalize the pain and thus make it a bit easier to bear.”

Name: Dominika Visy
Art Materials: Pen and pencil on paper.

Where does your inspiration come from?
My inspiration comes from personal experiences and feelings. Art helps me externalize the pain and thus make it a bit easier to bear.

Tell us about your creative process.
I always let ideas seek me, because when I try to force something, the result is never good enough. I only look for inspiration in the world, in books, movies, poems, music etc, then let my brain form whatever it wants to express. I like to make a few sketches and try out different versions before starting the real picture, but I don’t spend too much time planning. I love going to a cafe and making a quick drawing over a nice cup of coffee, but when it comes to more intricate paintings, I need the quiet privacy of my room.

What is the story behind your artwork, if any?
I am an artist who suffers from depression. I have an overwhelming desire to talk about my struggles, but I feel that I cannot be honest about this with others, because they don’t understand, or they simply don’t listen. That’s why I express my experiences with depression in my artworks. My goal is to reach out to others in the same situation, to speak for them and to encourage them. Fighting alone is impossibly difficult, and I want other depression-sufferers feel less alone.

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