“When I draw, It’s almost like I have no control of my hand… Most of the time anyway, my pencil surprises me just as much as others.”




Name: Izak Gary
Art Materials: I prefer to work with ink. I love not being able to fix mistakes, but rather make them vibrant.

Where does your inspiration come from?
My inspiration for creation is the simple empowerment of originality.

Tell us about your creative process.
When I draw, It’s almost like I have no control of my hand… Most of the time anyway, my pencil surprises me just as much as others, however whenever it’s done, I can always seem to see a sort of bigger picture… A deeper meaning. As I hope others see their own as well in my designs.


What is the story behind your artwork, if any?
Now of course everybody wants to be different, and everybody is, however labeling myself as “strange” is not an attempt to stray from becoming a conformist… Rather something I grew to pick up and run with. You see growing up, no matter what it was that I was creating any sort of audience always had the same reaction, “That’s…. Strange,” or “That’s craaazyyy…” always said with a sense of uncertainty, or a sense of fear even in some cases… I hated it. My family told me to love the Lord but my mind couldn’t ever seem to grasp to the idea of religion and for that reason alone, I became increasingly depressed.. I was told even a mere immoral thought could damn you to hell… I spent the day lying to myself, telling myself I have “faith”, telling myself that I always want to,do,what they classify as right… Then at night I’d lay alone with the shadows and suffer… Hurting myself anytime an immoral thought merely peeked through my mind… I cried a lot as a child.

So as I began to mature I began,thinking for myself. God was no longer a priority and my music and poetry became my LIFE. Quite literally. If headphones weren’t in my ears as I was drawing, then a pen was in my hand and I was in a corner writing free verse.. It always was free verse simply because my teachers didn’t know,what else to call,it… Hell, neither did I. Until at last, I met a teacher who encouraged me to be who I was, truly she wanted to see me create comfortably… I was still hesitant. Around the time I was heavy into Poe because I always found a sense of comfort in the dark (it’s where creation for me felt natural). Anyway, one day in class my teacher recited a piece of Edgar’s work and one word stood out to me in particular… ‘Peculiar’. It sounded beautiful to me and for why, I do not know… I liked it, and I was sick of my dysphoric views on conformity… I began to create. From that moment I created the title ‘Poet Peculiar’ for my works. ‘Poet’ for the poetic mind that wouldn’t allow me to sleep, like my brothers did. ‘Pecu’ for the look of peculiarity on my audiences faces, And ‘Liar’ for the liar within me, the liar within us all. The one that tells us, “Everything is gonna be okay.” the one that says, “Remain within the norm” the one that says, “You’re going to hell”…

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