“I often incorporate broken and surreal imagery to help my concept.”

Name: Sarah
Art Materials: Mostly acrylic paint.

Where does your inspiration come from?
Mostly from feelings within that I can only express thru painting but also nature and others. And a burning desire (and need) to connect with my creative self.

Tell us about your creative process.
For this specific series, I took dozens of magazines and tore or cut out images that visually represented the chaotic space I had to reinforce my concept. I use matte medium to glue and keep my entire collage in place. From there I use oil paints to create a figure painting and some background into the collage. I often incorporate broken and surreal imagery to help my concept.



What is the story behind your artwork, if any?
One day last summer I woke up and remembered how much I wanted to paint. Later that day a friend of mine sent me photos of their paintings and encouraged me to just paint. So I did with whatever I had at the time: Wax, makeup, fingernail polish, fruit from the yard, ashes. Eventually, I was given a ton of art supplies from a new friend. And so I started painting.

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