“Often I make my art to show these confusing mental/emotional experiences that I can’t explain in words. ”


Art Materials: Ink pens and bristol board.

Where does your inspiration come from?
I get most of my inspiration for my artwork from the things I experience in my daily life stemming from my illness, and those of others I know. But I also create these pieces to spread awareness of what it’s like to have them by showing them in the form of a drawing. I don’t have many artists I draw inspiration from, but a close artist friend of mine who has Selective Mutism and several other disorders is an inspiration in their own right.

Tell us about your creative process.
My creative process isn’t really set in stone, it just sort of happens. When I’m stressed or having an internal argument, or experiencing an episode of psychosis, I go to my room where it’s away from people and start drawing. I scribble with pencil and somehow it ends up looking like something symbolizing how I feel at that moment. Sometimes I even scribble down internal dialogue from my alters, which helps a little to relieve the stress all that noise can cause. I then go in with ink and do the soothing flowing line work that really helps calm me down. It’s an interesting cool down process for me, and works really well. In the end I have a piece of art that I can share.

What is the story behind your artwork, if any?
The story behind most of my work is my struggles with the confusing and often overwhelming issues that come with depression, Anxiety, paranoia, and being dissociative with alters.(I am not diagnosed nor am I still seeing a psychotherapist). Often I feel like completely flying off the handle and losing it, with so much going on mentally and emotionally at once, and not being able to tell anyone about it. So I try to get those experiences and feelings on paper. Often I make my art to show these confusing mental/emotional experiences that I can’t explain in words. I have trouble speaking and explaining things, so my art gives me the relief of being able to demonstrate what’s going on in my head. Emotional trauma I’ve gone through from childhood can create some pretty scary demons, so I get through it by drawing it. Along with the help of my alters, who take care of our system.

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