“Art is anything and everything. It brings out some level of empathy whether one likes it or not. It is whatever you see and put meaning to in your own individual perspective. Be it beauty or ugly, art is in everything. It’s in the eyes of the beholder.”

Name: Thomas Stewart
Art materials: Graphite Pencils, .005 Pen, & .01 Pen

Tell us a little bit about yourself!
I am 26, have been in the military for 8 years. I’ve drawn all my life, I am self-taught (Mental Discipline). I am a bodybuilder as well, I see sculpting the body as art (physical discipline). Other hobbies are parkour, snowboarding, rock climbing and I am a pro at watching kitten and baby otter videos.

Where does your inspiration come from?
Inspiration depends on my mood shifts. Darker and more twisted art when I am in a lower mood or when my insomnia is very active. Art that is deemed “beautiful” I will throw a little darkness. There is no light without darkness. All my art have some kind of philosophical message in it. I am a deep thinker.

What other themes have your pieces touched on?
Other themes include insomnia, rage, depression, inner death, relief, hope, and strength. I try to touch all the cycles of life affected by mental illness.

How would you describe how it feels to create your artwork?
It feels like a relief. Even a burden being lifted when I bring my thoughts into reality in the most understandable way but still reflecting the abstract thoughts. By far the best coping tools I use as I am affected by mental health problems.

Was your art always a coping mechanism or did it evolve into that over time?
I didn’t see it as coping in my childhood, but thinking back, it was definitely a coping mechanism. Having no real connection with my family, and never allowed to leave the house except for school and church, it took a toll on my social competence. I never learned the tools to be a normal kid, art was a way to escape for a bit even if I had no idea that my upbringing was toxic. Nowadays, yes, it is a vital coping mechanism for me and it has helped immensely all while being able to share my creativity with the world.


Tell us about your creative process.
Like I mentioned, I am a deep thinker. When I have an epiphany in my life, I try to illustrate it in a way it could be understood. Sometimes I abstract it just to get viewers thought processes flowing to make a meaning out of it for themselves.

What is the story behind your artwork, if any?
My artwork usually depicts a struggle of some sort. Abstraction to reflect my mind state when I try to bring into the physical realm. I love pen work for its challenge.

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