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Not Pot is exactly what it sounds like- it’s not pot, it’s CBD. Their product is an adorable dark chocolate heart containing 2mg of CBD oil. Other ingredients include organic raw cacao, maple sugar, and ashwagandha. A single bottle contains 30 hearts for $30. You also have the option to sign up for a monthly subscription which saves you 10% and reduces the price to around $26.

A little background on my mental health before going into this: I’ve struggled off and on with anxiety for most of my life. Eventually, I found a good therapist and started to work on the underlying issues, but I still experienced random anxiety spikes. A friend who also had anxiety at the time told me about this natural remedy called 5htp, and after doing some research, I started taking it as well. It helped a lot and to this day that’s my go-to remedy for unexpected anxiety. However, I’ve always been curious about CBD since I also spoke marijuana when things get really bad. I was really excited when a close friend texted me about a Facebook ad she saw about the company ‘Not Pot’. I ordered a bottle the next day. A few weeks later it arrived and I took their required dosage for about a week. Below is my review of that experience.

(I ate one prior to photographing them, oops!)

According to a Pop Sugar review, Not Pot recommends that you take one heart per day because the CBD has to build up over time, so I marked November 15th on my calendar as day 1. After finishing my breakfast, it was time to take the first dose. I was pleasantly surprised there was absolutely no taste other than dark chocolate. I expected there to be some funky taste much like how edibles taste like dirt, but all I tasted was chocolate. I was relieved. And just as the Pop Sugar article mentioned, I didn’t feel any of the CBD affects until my third day. On that particular day, I happened to be a ball of stress. I took the heart hoping for some kind of noticeable relief and I was shocked. Immediately, it felt like someone had wrapped my insides with a warm blanket and despite still feeling a bit stressed, my body felt relaxed. It was a weird and wonderful sensation.

After that positive experience, I assumed each future dose would have a similar effect, but I was sadly mistaken. In fact, I didn’t feel much of anything after that third day, and some days it even seemed to have an opposite effect. Some days I felt more anxious after taking it and other days it made my head feel like I was in a fishbowl. I assumed that the CBD had a different effect each time based on my ever-changing mindsets and brain chemistry. After realizing taking it every day at the same time obviously wasn’t going to work for my neurotic brain, I decided to play around and see if there was a good fit. One person left a review on their website saying they took it before bed, so I decided to try that out. One thing you should know about me is, as much as this stuff helps anxiety, I still feel REALLY anxious taking new things. Meaning, I ate one of the hearts before bed and stayed up half the night feeling paranoid about becoming too relaxed, which is an actual thing.

A few days later I decided to take another heart. A nightstand I ordered finally arrived so I had to do the thing that everyone dreads when they order new furniture- I had to put it together. I thought to myself, “If there was ever a time to take something to relax me, it’s now”. You know the ongoing joke about how IKEA furniture starts fights between people? I highly recommend that Not Pot partners with IKEA to include a bottle of their chocolate hearts with every package of unassembled furniture. Honestly, I can barely remember even putting together the nightstand (up until putting together that damn drawer). It was the perfect combination of focus and feeling mellow. Seriously, Not Pot, get on that partnership!

Since then, I’ve taken the chocolate hearts off and on, constantly tweaking when I take them. So far things have been looking up other than another spike a few days ago. I don’t blame them for the ups and downs because brain chemistry is such a fragile thing. I still have a lot of their product left and I’m looking forward to figuring out the right approach. I still highly recommend these chocolate hearts to anyone who is looking to try out a natural remedy. I also plan to do an updated review in the future so keep an eye out for that!

Editor’s note/exciting announcement: 
In the time since writing this review, HAIF has become a part of their affiliate program! Click here and use the code ‘HAIF’ at checkout for 20% off your order!


Have you ever used CBD to treat anxiety? What was your experience like? Comment below.

Julia Rose

My name is Julia and I am the founder of HAIF. I've been writing for almost as long as I've lived with my mental health issues. Except back then, I mostly wrote about boys and being annoyed at the popular kids. Things have changed a lot since then and now I enjoy writing about healing, self-awareness, Psychology, and mental health.