A writing submission by Bill about his experiment on perspective using M&Ms.

If you ever want a visual guide to see just how much YOU matter, do this little experiment. It will sound cheesy, and I am probably not the first one to think of it but I promise you one thing – it will open your eyes. Take a small bag of M&Ms, and empty it onto a white surface. Do not flip them over to be all one side up, just leave them be. Simply push them all together so that each one is touching another one. The tighter the grouping, the better. You should end up with some shape in which every piece of candy is touching another. Obviously the ones on the edge will be touching less than ones in the center. DO NOT TOUCH THE ONES ON THE OUTSIDE. I’ll tell you why in a moment.

You will have a mixture of colors in front of you, some with an M showing, others without. That is okay. It represents diversity. Now take one from the center. Eat it, or throw it in the trash where it can no longer be retrieved. What you see now when you look at the pile is that glaring white spot where you removed the candy from. Look at all of the candies that it was touching, and is no longer touching. Now take two more candies from random spots (not the edges), but this time place them to the side. MAKE SURE they are different from the one you ate/threw away. Now you will see three empty spaces, and only two candies off to the side.

Why is this important? The candy that you no longer have cannot be replaced by either of the ones you placed to the side. They are not the same. That space can never be filled again. And if for some reason you decide to throw those other two candies away, you now have three spaces that can never again be filled. you can try, by pushing everything together again. But then everything changes. The shape, the pieces next to each other and the new pieces they touch.

This is a simple example of how irreplaceable everyone is. You have your place, and so does everyone else. Your space here amongst the many, many people may seem small. But one thing is for sure – you have a role to play just like everyone else. So play it. Be you. There is no one else that can do that. There is no replacing anyone. You are always special to someone, whether you are aware of it or not. We are all humans and we need to make sure those gaps don’t appear in our lives. Hold onto one another, because we are all in this together. While the original piece of candy was still there, you could move it anywhere you wanted to, but once it was taken away, there was just emptiness. This is your role to fill. It has been, and it always will be.


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