•How do I submit artwork?
The main way you can submit is by clicking here. You will be directed to our website homepage where you will find a “submit” link. All artistic mediums are accepted. And we now accept mental health-related tattoos as well! You can also submit short stories and non-artwork related things. We just ask that you also include an image related to your story.

•How do I contact you?
You can click here or Email us directly: Contact@howamifeeling.org

•Can I send my stuff in via Instagram direct message?
Sorry but nope! You can submit your art and stories three different ways but direct messages are not one of them:
1. Submit it via this link
2. Tag us @howamifeelingg
3. Use our hashtag #howamifeeling

•Why haven’t I seen my submission posted yet?
Due to the amount of submissions we receive, it can take a while for yours to be posted. We post the oldest submissions in our queue first. We greatly appreciate your patience.

•Are you accepting writing submissions?
Yes! Click here for more info.

•Will you advertise something for me?
Due to a number of DM’s and emails, we put together a media kit for those of you who are interested in having us post about your product or project. You can find the direct link under Resources > media kit.

•Where else can we find you?
You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

•Are you open to collab?
Yes! Please email us with more information: Contact@howamifeeling.org. Responses may take up to 48 hours.

•Still have questions?
Contact us here or via Email: Contact@howamifeeling.org

•Homepage artwork by:
E Merlin M