•How do I submit artwork?
You can submit your art by clicking here. We are always, always, always accepting artwork submissions. There is no limit on how many you can send in. In fact, we would love you forever if you sent in multiple pieces. All artistic mediums are accepted and we now accept mental health related tattoos as well!

•Can I send my stuff in via Instagram direct message?
We ONLY accept submissions sent in via our website.

•Why haven’t I seen my submission posted yet?
Due to the number of posts in our queue, it can take a little while until you see yours on our feed. Please, be patient with us. Submissions are posted oldest to newest.

•Are you accepting writing submissions?
Yes, always! We are looking for stories, educational posts, creative writing, and more. Submissions must be between 200-1000 words in length and please include any necessary trigger warnings. You can find more info about writing submissions here.

•What are discussion posts?
If you’ve scrolled through our Instagram feed then you’ve likely seen text posts with colorful brains on them. These posts are questions that are generated by the people in our community. The purpose of these posts is to create discussions within the community. Questions can range from self-care to how to deal with flashbacks to personal questions. It’s great to see people respond and share their different perspectives regarding the issue at hand. These posts are also a great learning opportunity for those who either don’t struggle with a mental illness or if they’re caring for someone who does. If you have a question you would like us to post you can contact us here or through Instagram DM.

•Are you open to collab?
Yes! Please email us: Contact@howamifeeling.org. Responses may take up to 48 hours.

•Still have questions?
Contact us here or via Email: Contact@howamifeeling.org

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E Merlin M