A writing submission by T.C about her anxiety, depression, and how her life has improved.

It’s hard to remember, but some years ago I started experiencing a terrible level of anxiety that led to weight gain, lack of energy, and many days/nights spent hiding in my bed sheets. I had already been dealing with depression for a number of years and thought I had overcome such a difficult struggle of getting up in the morning and going through my daily routine. Now, many years later I’ve figured out different ways of pushing through those struggles and fears. Getting out into the world more and experiencing so many wonderful things with the positive and happy people I surround myself with. It took time, but actually giving myself that time to sort through my emotions and hardships has tremendously paid off!

The top photo is of me Swing Dancing, something I NEVER thought I’d be able to do, especially in a group setting around people I don’t know that well. Of course, now I know many of them and proudly call them my friends.

The bottom photo is me and a few of my friends practicing yoga in a near by park. This has been one of the most useful outlets I’ve been using for my anxiety and depression. I know people here about Yoga all the time and think it’s not for them, but I can assure you it’s for everyone!



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